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Holistic Dentists: Why More People Prefer Biological Dentistry Every person wants to have a beautiful smile that has confidence enough to face the world. Your smile is a great weapon against stressful days and it’s also the language you use to speak your mind. This generation is leaning on cosmetic dentistry to have their teeth fixed or to retain white and gleaming teeth. However, some people are also starting to realize that’ it’s no longer just about healthy teeth.
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Good dentistry should also be able to protect the gums of patients and their overall well-being. Periodontal disorders are connected to heart problems and teeth with alignment issues are also linked to digestive conditions. This is the reason why more people are now looking for a reliable holistic dentist. Holistic or biological dentists, just like other natural medical practitioners, are all for the protection and safety of one’s overall health. During treatment, they consider aspects and side effects of certain drugs that could negatively affect the patient’s overall health. A lot of people are better off with natural methods of treatment so when it comes to their teeth and gums, they avoid procedures that can potentially endanger their health in the future. A reputable holistic dentist will, as much as possible, reduce the need to use potentially harmful equipment used by most dentists including x-rays. He will make use of alternative methods during diagnosis and will avoid toxic materials for filling in cavities. In holistic dentistry, a biological dentist will only make use of resin for filling cavities, instead of amalgam fillings. Some holistic dentists will also offer detoxification procedures for patients who have had amalgam fillings in the past. Studies reveal that mercury amalgam fillings could potentially endanger the health, especially those who are very sensitive to some chemicals. Researchers have also noted that exposure to even low levels of mercury could affect both kidney and brain funtions. This is why holistic dentists are generally against treatments that use amalgam fillings. If you only want to undergo teeth procedures that will not put your overall health in the face of danger, it is advisable that you consult with a holistic dentist who will ensure that materials and equipment to be used for cleaning or treating your teeth will be safe and free from chemicals. Fluoride is another compound that biological dentists are completely against. Though an ingredient in many toothpastes, fluoride is still a toxic element. Recent studies show that fluoride brings little to no health benefits for users. A holistic dentist is always seeking his patient’s overall well-being. With the growing number of biological dentists who are all for safe and non-toxic procedures, you can never go wrong. When in the lookout for a dependable holistic dentist, it is necessary that you ask questions related to your health. Trustworthy practitioners will be very much willing to answer all of your questions and will provide you with detailed explanations on the importance of natural methods and procedures to one’s well-being.

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