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Edi Clearinghouse- How to Pick the Right Medical Billing Clearinghouse Modern patients pay for medical services through their insurance policies. As a consequence, you will have to forward claim documents to various insurers, making it part of your daily routine. Since errors on such documents and other complications are common occurrences, you will need to submit the claims through a medical billing clearinghouse. It is the role of this intermediary to notify you of errors and ensure that the insurer has received the documents in the form required. Choosing the right medical billing clearinghouse is not easy, but the following guide will help you ease the process. In this industry, reliable customer care is invaluable since the matters at hand need to be addressed timely. Note that delayed responses mean late claim payments, and that is something you do not want in your business. So, there should be a system that allows you to lodge complaints and get responses within 24 hours. Ensure that the billing software in your medical practice is compatible to that in use by the medical billing clearinghouse. Remember that there are no standards to adhere to when it comes to medical billing software, so you may not have had such considerations when installing the program when you first opened shop. If incompatibility issues exist, you may have to purchase new medical billing software. Such an exercise may cost you dearly since you will have to deal with issues like purchasing the program, licensing matters, upgrading the software, possible changes to your hardware, and hiring IT experts. A good clearinghouse in this respect is one that uses a web-based software system that will not introduce challenges when sending medical claims.
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For your employees to learn how to use the medical billing software, it must possess user-friendly features. It is a capability that will allow them to send numerous claim documents in a day. Also, the possibility of errors occurring will reduce significantly.
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The best medical billing clearinghouses store their clients’ claim histories. In many cases, most clearing houses discard that information in the hope of freeing up storage space to store more recent information. If you feel like you may need to access claim data a few months or years from today, make sure to only select a provider that can offer such services. Information on successful claims and those that require edits should be provided to you. That is the best way to ensure that you address issues that may arise on time so as to expedite the payment process. Remember that delayed claim payments will affect your cash flow position, making it necessary to get claim status information within minutes. How much does the clearing house charge per claim? Choosing an affordable provider means that you will incur minimal fees even if you submit numerous claims.

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